Hey everyone

Well where to begin?? Humm…… I suppose I should start by saying that we have been extremely busy getting our project finished which was handed up on Wednesday.

Okay, so since the last update, we mentioned rendering had begun on the animation. Just as a bit of advice for those who love 3d and animation, it’s best to start rendering early as it takes forever but thankfully with the lend of a friends laptop we where able to have two computers rendering over the space of 5 days. Animations did have to be cut short 😦 but if it meant they were done in time, then that’s okay.

Amy and myself (Nicole) worked hard on Sunday last week to get all of the editing finished. We did run into some hassles but in the end, we got it done 🙂 Monday was dedicated to audio and getting them working with the video. Amy used ProTools which allowed here to add the audio she recorded and edited to the video 🙂 Monday also seen Melina and Marie-Therese working hard on getting all of the programming finished and fixed before adding the video files.

On Tuesday, we had our final meeting with Bride our supervisor before handing up the final project on Wednesday, while I went to Ikea to but the boxes for the touch and taste games as well as the clear one for the smell games.

The rest of this week seen us building our carnival stalls and trying to re-arrange how the game will be played. As we are to be a free-standing, it means that we can’t raise the projector above the people playing our game, therefore while there will be a projection screen available and used to allow all participants to watch, the interaction will now take place on the iMac we have. We are still using the wii remote but on the computer screen instead as the projector has be in front to of the screen and if you walk through it, you wont be able to play the game.

I think that’s everything for this post, but l will be posting pics of the stalls in the next update which should be done in a few minutes 🙂 As always don’t forget to check out our other accounts 🙂