Getting ready for FÍS 2011 Sunday, May 29 2011 

So as the exhibition date comes closer, we have been getting everything ready for it. These are just some snapshots of the work we have done so far. The signs have been laminated and just have to be placed on each of the stalls tomorrow and then all the boxes laid out as well as setting up the computer for the hearing game.

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Catch Up :) Sunday, May 29 2011 

Hey everyone

Well where to begin?? Humm…… I suppose I should start by saying that we have been extremely busy getting our project finished which was handed up on Wednesday.

Okay, so since the last update, we mentioned rendering had begun on the animation. Just as a bit of advice for those who love 3d and animation, it’s best to start rendering early as it takes forever but thankfully with the lend of a friends laptop we where able to have two computers rendering over the space of 5 days. Animations did have to be cut short 😦 but if it meant they were done in time, then that’s okay.

Amy and myself (Nicole) worked hard on Sunday last week to get all of the editing finished. We did run into some hassles but in the end, we got it done 🙂 Monday was dedicated to audio and getting them working with the video. Amy used ProTools which allowed here to add the audio she recorded and edited to the video 🙂 Monday also seen Melina and Marie-Therese working hard on getting all of the programming finished and fixed before adding the video files.

On Tuesday, we had our final meeting with Bride our supervisor before handing up the final project on Wednesday, while I went to Ikea to but the boxes for the touch and taste games as well as the clear one for the smell games.

The rest of this week seen us building our carnival stalls and trying to re-arrange how the game will be played. As we are to be a free-standing, it means that we can’t raise the projector above the people playing our game, therefore while there will be a projection screen available and used to allow all participants to watch, the interaction will now take place on the iMac we have. We are still using the wii remote but on the computer screen instead as the projector has be in front to of the screen and if you walk through it, you wont be able to play the game.

I think that’s everything for this post, but l will be posting pics of the stalls in the next update which should be done in a few minutes 🙂 As always don’t forget to check out our other accounts 🙂

It’s the final countdown !! Friday, May 20 2011 

WOW, how time just seems to fly.

Its hard to believe that we started this project back in October/November and we are near the finishing stages of our project which is due on Wednesday.

All animation is finished, rendering is underway but we won’t get into this ! Anyways, editing of clips is near completion, animation just to be added. Programming is nearly there, just need to apply the final touches. Audio is also nearly there with Amy working really hard.

So at the exhibition, we will be free standing therefore we have come up with alternative ideas which I think you guys will like. Very excited about starting this part. I’ve just finished bidding on 5 pairs of wireless headphones for our exhibition so hopefully they will arrive on time 🙂

A part from that, Marie-Therese has been working on the pr front of our project. More to be revealed 🙂

Anyways, I better get going, have to check on the animations 🙂

Demo Presentation :) Thursday, May 5 2011 

Hey again

Like promised, I said, I’d update to let you guys know how our demo went. Well I’m happy to report that it went really well. As was expected, Amy as the jester got the laughs as she has great comedic timing and brings the character truly to life 🙂

It was nice to get different feedback from all the lecturers. One thing that was mentioned was how we need continuity between all of the videos and interfaces. Audio was great which is great news 🙂

It such a relief to have it all done. Now to the final hand in and exams but we will get everything done and we will be fine 🙂

Major Catch Up Time :) Thursday, May 5 2011 

Hey guys

Well, where to start. I don’t think any of us can believe that its already May. Today is our demo presentations which we can happily say we are prepared for. So your probably wondering what we have been doing since our last update. One thing for sure is that we have been really busy getting everything done 🙂

So first things first. Audio is all recorded and at the moment been tweaked for the project. Amy has been working overtime to get stuff prepared and recorded over the past couple of weeks 🙂 and it’s sounding really good.

Second thing on the agenda is programming. We have the first and second game finished. Minor tweaking will have to be done for the final hand up at the end of may. As for the third game, it is in progress of been nearly done. All games are linking as well so we are all really really happy about this side of things.

Third item to be discussed is the design. I am excited to say that Carnival Town is complete. I should have pictures soon enough. Animation on the first part of our game is also finished 🙂 Other animations will be started this afternoon before the demo presentation 🙂

Fourth and last part of the items covered is the technology side of things. well unfortunately it turns out that the wii remotes we bought don’t work but Paul gave us a lend of his remote to see if the pens were going okay and they work 🙂 We have a video of the test we did this morning. The audio is Amy’s recording 🙂

I think that’s everything for the moment 🙂 Will update later to let you know how our demo went 🙂