Catch Up time :) Thursday, Jan 27 2011 


So this post was a little delayed but we have been very busy. As of Tuesday, we handed in our draft script that is at the moment, 91 pages. We knew it would be big, but don’t think we thought it would end up at the number. We had a supervisor meeting with Bride on Tuesday. She has suggested different things to us and it involved a brainstorming session surrounding the games. We have thought of something, but it wont be revealed just yet.

You may remember us talking about doing videos on youtube. Well on Monday, Amy had her flipcam with her so decided to shot some introductions.

It appears that our youtube channel is getting a lot of views 🙂 Woohoo 🙂 We are really happy about this. There is lots more to tell you but we will fill you in later. Don’t forget to check out our other accounts 🙂


Meeting from Thursday 13th January 2011 Sunday, Jan 23 2011 

Hey Everyone

I know its been a while since the last update but we have quite a lot of news. As you’ll remember from the last post, we had arranged to meet on the 13/1/11 to finalize all ideas for the script, well good news this was a really productive meeting. We managed to decide on one of the objects and myself and Amy are very excited about going for taste tests and completely exploring all the possibilities that one object can offer us. Now I know your probably wondering what it is but its been sealed as top secret and if you want to find out, you will just have to visit the finished project in June 🙂 So because we discussed so much, the next part of this post will be in bullet points.

  • Games : There will be 2 levels and a bonus round. 1st level is working on a team guessing where the object is, the 2nd is same as 1st but with the exception that you work as an individual. The 3rd is completely different as the team works hard to find the missing sceptre.
  • Group Photo at the end: At the moment, we are throwing around the idea of taking a group photo at the end of the game as a reward. We are also still keeping the certificate idea in mind as well.
  • Time line: We have decided the time line for the entire project. All that needs to added is the weekly meetings we will be having and then are meetings as well as our meetings with Bride our supervisor.
  • Mask: Jester mask will be made by us. Amy and I were watching you tube videos of masks and Amy came across this really nice one so we have decided to base it on something like this. (will edited it later, as internet seems to be having a few issues).
  • Jester Costume: Research is being done into what outfit may be best for our wonderful jester 🙂
  • Jester name: After a lot of debating it was decided that the name should be Jinx 🙂 The name was kindly suggested by Siobhan but credit also goes to Amy for asking for suggestions.
  • Animation: Decided what will be happening in the scenes. Also debating the use of 3d max or flash.

We also went through the whole script synopsis and shooting script so all we have to do is type it all up and put everything together.

So as you can see we had a busy meeting, more updates to follow 🙂

New Accounts :) Tuesday, Jan 11 2011 

Hey Guys

Just wanted to add this quick post, we have created a flickr account so that you will be able to view the other photos that were taken on Sunday as well as any future photograph developements 🙂

You can find the album here at

**Update at 15:11 ** There appears to be some issues with the link for Flickr, it will be sorted out shortly.

**Update on 13/1/11** The link is now working 🙂 Expect an update later tonight about our meeting today 🙂 Some exciting new developments.

Also for videos we have a youtube account :

More from Funderland Tuesday, Jan 11 2011 

Good Morning Everyone 🙂

To continue from last nights update, we have more pictures and much more !!

This is just a couple of more images from the day, the rest of the pictures will be uploaded to our new Flickr account today 🙂

Videos will also be uploaded to you-tube very shortly as well. Also busy week for the group as we write up the draft for our script and have a group meeting to discuss the final game ideas 🙂 So all very exciting things this week 🙂

Anyways as always feel free to leave a comment and follow us on our twitter page for more news 🙂

Research from Funderland :) Monday, Jan 10 2011 

Hey Everyone

I really must stop saying that this blog will be updated at a certain point in the day because for some reason or another, it never happens so for the last time apologies for the delay in uploading yesterdays adventure 🙂

Yesterday provided some much more help then could have been estimated. I must point out that I haven’t been to Funderland in probably 3 years and boy has a lot changed. Originally the ideas for going to Funderland, was to get photographs, videos and sound clips as part of our research.However as I had arrived early it allowed me to get an insight to the different ages attending the event. In this, I saw many aged between 9-12 which is brilliant news in terms of the project and our target audience. They didn’t appear to be afraid to try anything and willing participated in all that Funderland had to offer.

Unfortunately thats all the time I have for uploading today 😦 but I promise to update very soon 🙂

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Live from funderland Sunday, Jan 9 2011 

First off we want to say a big happy christmas and a happy new year 🙂 hope it’s going well for everyone so far 🙂

Just wanted to add a quick post to say the blog will be updated later today, when I get home.

Now you’ll be happy to know that this blog is being posted from FUNDERLAND dublin 🙂 so expect lots of pics, vids and lots more tonight 🙂

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