Hey Everyone

Thought it was time to update our blog as it has been a while since our last post 🙂 Unfortunately we have been snowed in the past two weeks and busy studying for exams and starting all our work but this hasn’t stopped us from talking about the project.

To begin, I don’t know if we mentioned this but we have  script to do over Christmas. Well if not, then apologies 🙂 and this is what we have to do

  • A Synopsis
  • our roles
  • Our aims, objectives and desired outcomes
  • target audience
  • site map
  • walk-through of our project
  • game elements
  • the branding, look and feel of the project
  • audio script
  • technology and interactive design
  • project timeline

So as you can see we have had plenty to talk about.  The first thing we did was to split the work between us and talk about what we should be putting into our script. This led to ideas for the games 🙂 which we will fill you in on in a couple of days 🙂

Hope you guys had lots of fun in the snow and our looking forward to Christmas 🙂

Nicole, Amy, Melina and Marie-Therese 🙂