Hey Guys

So we’ve been super busy with other assignments, but we have been meeting up and talking about different ideas. We also had our first supervisor meeting with Bride on Thursday 25/11.

On Wednesday we had a group meeting to discuss a variety of ideas. These included changes to how the project will work to the use of a green screen for our jester 🙂 So the idea for how the project will work is to have the 5 players at a sense each, all playing at the same time. One player will describe the object and the remaining will have to find the object through the sense that have.

Also mentioned was a group outing to funderland 🙂 Fingers crossed we do get to do this 🙂 I think that’s everything for our update. Oh yeah, forgot one thing, we now have a youtube account so add us as a friend if your on it. We have no vids uploaded but give us a couple of weeks and we can start recording 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/user/SenseSpinners2010?feature=mhum

Thats all for this weeks updates, remember to check out our twitter page for more updates and links 🙂