Our Idea Friday, Nov 12 2010 

Hey again

In this post, we wanted to share, the idea we have been working on for the past couple of weeks and the changes that have happened during this time.

As part of our presentation we were asked to come up with 1 sentence that gives a description of our project.For this we decided on

Entertaining and magical narrative led game for 9-12 year olds, exploring the 5 senses within a carnival theme.

So basically our idea is to create a 5 player game, where each player will play a sense each. The aim of this is to complete the sense game they have been given in order to get a piece of the sceptre. The players will be able to work as a group.

To help get a better understanding of our idea, we thought we would include the walk-through that we have at the moment. I know it will be hard to understand in terms of the narrative but it will be in the next post.

  • The users will walk into our room/area
  • From here, the user will receive a carnival ticket with a number from 1-5 on it.
  • The Jester will tell them to come in and sit down
  • Once everyone is seated, they will press the button
  • The Jester will then explain to them, the background story through animation
  • When this animation is over, the user will once again press the button to select a random sense.
  • Once the player has completed their, they will see the part of the sceptre slowly open.
  • As the game comes to a close, the sceptre will restore the carnival back to life.

Well, we hope you like this idea. The narrative will be explained in the next update, so it will make this easier to understand 🙂

As always don’t forget to check out our twitter account for updates 🙂



What we have been up to :) Friday, Nov 12 2010 

Hey guys

So as you all know, we had our group presentation on Wednesday. All went well and we have been assigned our supervisor 🙂 This is the first of many updates today as well (been serious now, I know we have been experiencing delays so big apologizes for that). So go get a big cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate because I mean it is cold out there and sit back, relax and look forward to all our wonderful updates 🙂