Busy, Busy, Busy :) Saturday, Oct 30 2010 


I know we were meant to update last week, so hopefully some more posts will be posted over the next couple of days. Anyways on with all the news from this week πŸ™‚

As you can tell from the title of the post, we have had a very busy week. We have been meeting up and talking about a number of ideas. Some of which include changing the theme of our idea from circus to funfairs. After much discussion amongst ourselves, we felt it was better suited for our target audience. With this change, we have been busy getting research done. We are also happy to say that we have being coming up with a number of ideas for our games. Also nearly forgot, we have a narrative that we will be implementing into our game πŸ™‚

Apart from all of this, we are also getting ready for our mock presentations that are taking place on Thursday, ahead of our real one on the 10th November. I think that’s everything for now, fingers crossed we can add more to the blog over the upcoming days but with everything in college, we may suffer a few delays but keep with us and we will get there πŸ™‚ Like always don’t forget to check out our twitter account and feel free to leave comments πŸ™‚



Research Part 2 Sunday, Oct 24 2010 

Hey everyone

As you can see, little bit late with the update that was meant to be done yesterday. Anyways, more research links have been found along the way.

First of, is the Merry-Go-Round-Museum. This website is as the title suggests a merry go round museum. We have an idea that is based on using such a thing so Amy found this website.


Second website today is from a blog post on pixel sumo. This was found when looking up different links for class. The reason we are including it in this post, is due to the fact that it plays with the areas around you by deceiving your visual sense into seeing something that isn’t really there.


So moving onto the next item in the research pile. This is a video that was found on vimeo. Its called the Vinyl Workout.

Vinyl Workout from Theo Watson on Vimeo.

Unfortunately we can’t show it here, as vimeo doesn’t work here, but please click on the link to see the video. Its only 57secs long but the interesting part of it, is the interaction between the user and the music playing. In order to make the song go faster, the user mus work around the vinyl faster.

Next video is also from vimeo. This video is showing an interactive screen that plays with your visual sensory.

Shadowsmoke! from eric gradman on Vimeo.

Following on, due to our target audience being children from the ages of 9-12 year olds, we have been looking into the various ways of kids and the senses. This website was found by Amy the other day. Its just about teaching young children about the five senses.


The next site today, is from health jockey and its post about a Danish study that took place. It is an interesting read, if you want to check it out.


This next website is a blog post from nature.com. This post shows the Science behind the scenes. The great thing about this post is that it is aimed for children.


Image from nature.com and Science behind the scenes

This video is from the Science Gallery in London. Its a sonic bed and the user feels the music coming from it. The youtube video is from the link on their page which can be found here : http://www.sciencegallery.com/sonicbed

The second last link of todays post come from


This site shows a number of ways to experiment with the five scenes. It is aimed at children but it is really interesting for anyone to have a look at.

Last link of today is from youtube. Its called the senses song and mentions the 5 that we are looking into.

So, that was our last link in today’s post on Research. Hopefully over the next day or two, we will have more information about the actual senses and maybe more research links. If you have any suggestions for us, leave a comment on this or send us a message on our twitter account, where you can find even more links and pictures.



Research Part 1 Saturday, Oct 23 2010 

Hey again

As you can see from the title of our blog, this post will be about the research we have done over the past couple of weeks. This will be the first of many posts about the links and inspirations we have individually found.

  1. http://www.sharpbrains.com/blog/2007/05/04/take-the-senses-challenge/

This website was found when researching the visual sense and trying to see what game ideas we could come up with. On this site, I found a link to the bbc which we will give you in a moment and it tests your different senses. We have all had a go at it and thought that it provided some useful information.


First Challenge from the BBC Senses Challenge

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6U5l6Vb64w

This video is about a Multi input interactive white board. It shows kids playing a number of different games on this interactive white board.

3.Β  Unfortunately I couldn’t find the URL for this image but as soon as I get it, I will edited to here. This image is about the taste buds. Its given us some good ideas for the taste sense and what games we may be able to do.

Taste BudsSo this will conclude part 1 of our research. We have lots more which should be uploaded by the end of today. If you have any links you would like to share with us, feel free to leave a comment.

Don’t forget to check out our twitter account for more updates and links πŸ™‚



What we have been doing this week :) Wednesday, Oct 20 2010 

Hi again

Sorry for lack of updates this week, I have been meaning to do this since Monday but just hadn’t got around to it. Anyways on with the update.

So this week we have done some more brainstorming for the idea. I’m glad to say that we have decided on a theme for our project and it will be, DRUM ROLL PLEASE ………. A Circus theme. Yes we are all very excited about this and are looking forward to developing our ideas more. We have also come up with the why, how, when, where, who and what for our project.

These questions were helpful in coming up with ideas.

  • Who: Kids aged 9-12 years old
  • What: Exploration of the senses through an interactive series of discovery. This will be done by playing a number of games (e.g.) a game for each sense. It will also be 2 player game.
  • Where: Hopefully, it will be placed in a room that will be decorated with a circus theme. We do have more on this but we don’t want to give everything away and everything is subject to change.
  • Why: Its fun, different from the usual sensory games that are available on the market.
  • When: We weren’t too sure what this was for so decided to give the game a duration of 10mins. The room if the plan remains the same should provide some fun as well.
  • How: As previously mentioned and delighted inner childs, a circus theme and a merry go round.

Since answering these questions, we have been coming up with different ideas that may be revealed in due course πŸ™‚

As well as the brainstorming discussions, we have also being busy researching away. This will be shown in the next update πŸ™‚

Anyways I think thats about it for now and hopefully more updates will follow shortly after this one. Remember to visit our twitter page. The address is


Job Titles Thursday, Oct 14 2010 

So in this blog post, we are letting everyone know what job each member of the group have.

Project Manager: Marie-Therese Ward

Audio(Very Important Job, Pat would be proud): Amy Murray

Designer: Nicole Carragher

Programmer: Melina Taylor

Hardware: All

Stay tuned for more updates….


The Beginning :) Thursday, Oct 14 2010 

It all started with a brainwave involving sensory, a merry go round and a board game.

The Sense Spinners consist of Melina Taylor, Amy Murray, Marie-Therese Ward and Nicole Carragher.

Our original idea was to make adults feel like children again. This has since changed through a series of brainstorming ideas, we have decided to aim our idea towards children and how they explore their senses. The theme of our interactive idea is “The Journey of the Senses”.

Make sure to follow us on twitter, the address is http://twitter.com/SenseSpinner